The Lost Knights is a guild that fights the dark forces that roam the lands of Yliakum. We offer help to those that need our help.

We try to find our lost brothers in arms who fought at our side during the great battle on the plains behind the Koberas Pass. Of course we welcome new members who want to help us achieve our goals.

Anybody is welcome to join our guild, regardless of race, religion or skills. We only expect you to be on the side of good and want to help us fight against all forms of evil. The Lost Knights is a mixed guild of men, women and kran.

We are not just a fighting guild. We have different specialities within our guild that support many different tasks. You will find our members active in warcraft, magic, crafting, knowledge seeking, skill development and much more.

If you like to know more about us, we suggest looking around here or contact any of our guild members ingame.