The organisation of The Lost Knights is based on ranks.

A new member joining the guild begins with the rank of Recruit and starts with a probation period of one month. This period allows the member to get familair with the guild and the members in it.

After succesfully passing the probation period, the member is accepted as full member and promoted to the rank of Guard. From then on a member can train the basic skills and get further accustomed to our guild.

When the member has succesfully mastered the basic skills, the next step is to be promoted to the rank of Paladin.

Over time, if a member shows dedication and what it takes to be a Knight, a promotion can follow to the rank of Knight. This is the basic rank we expect of guild members.

After becoming a Knight, a member should be specialising in one of following three specialisms: trade, weapons or magic. This is followed by a promotion to a specialised rank according to the chosen specialism: Knights Artisan (trade), Knights Crusader (weapons) or Knights Mage (magic).

The guild is being led by the Knights Commander.