The history of Yliakum has gone through many eras, some were good, others were wealthy, but unfortunately there was also a dark era. This more recent period is known as the dark times. During many years, the people suffered from countless attacks by dark forces coming from behind the Stone Labyrinths. In the beginning, the attacks were moderate and concentrated at local places and cities. Each race living in Yliakum formed its own army and fought independently against their enemies. The Ylians guarded and defended the lands of Hydlaa, the Enkidukai patrolled the lands surrounding Ojaveda and so on. Life was not easy, but people managed and rejoiced after each victory. Until the dark forces launched a massive attack.

It was during the winterperiod that travellers on the plains close to Bronze Doors noticed the massive army marching from the Stone Labyrinths. The numbers were so large that the earth trembled as they drew near. When this news reached Hydlaa, it became clear that their army could not oppose the dark forces alone, so messengers rode out to all other races. Although there were differences between some races, the magnitude of this threat made everybody realise they had to work together in order to survive. Without much delay the armies gathered together on the plains behind the Koberas Pass. Here the allied forces faced the dark forces in a great battle. The battle lasted several months and it wasn't long before all allied soldiers fought side by side, regardless of race and rank. Many lost their lives on the fields, and those that survived the day, made new brothers sharing joy and sorrow.

The fights were fierce and in a final attempt to crush the enemy, every soldier fought singlehandedly against an opponent. It goes without saying this lead to a massive slaughter, but eventually they won the battle. During the aftermath, all dead bodies were gathered and burned in huge piles. There was no time to identify friend or foe, so all were burned. Those that survived mourned their fallen brothers in arms.

In the years that followed, life continued and everybody enjoyed their freedom. The threat of the dark forces faded away. People didn't care about it anymore, they simply forgot about the many that had lost their lives. Little did they notice of the dark forces roaming amongst them once more. This time not openly visible, but sneaky, lurking in dark places, slowly growing, waiting for better times.

Fortunately, some of the former soldiers sensed the growing threat. A handful of them left their safe homes and travelled to Hydlaa, hoping to find a way to change the tide. And it wasn't for long that they found each other. Over many mugs filled with ale at Kada-El, they talked about the old days and present events. The old knights agreed that something had to be done.

Could they assemble a new group of warriors? It would be a daunting task. How many would have stayed in these lands? How many of them might still be amoungst the living? It would be a quest for the lost knights.

Early next morning they left Kada-El knowing what to do. By forming a guild they would gather not only their old brothers in arms but also new members who could help fight the dark forces. Their focus would not only be on fighting, but much broader. Not just fighting, but creating a self sustaining guild was the goal. Besides warriors they would need crafters to make weapons, armor and such. And mages who could heal or create magical potions. People to gather information and knowledge. There would not be any kind of restriction as far as skills or determination was concerned.