Regardless of who you are, what your skills are or which religion you follow, there is always a place for you among us, provided that you are on the side of good and want to help us fight against the dark forces.

If you are untrained we can help you find and develop your skills. Those that are skilled can help others in our guild and specialise in their own field of interest.

We welcome warriors, mages, crafters, healers, cooks, writers, singers, blacksmiths, performers and more. Remember, we are not just a fighting guild.

We do all sorts of things that range from training skills to having parties with lots of ale in Kada-El. You can find us all across the lands of Yliakum, fighting evil, discovering new places and looking for our missing comrades and new friends.

If you want to join, look around for a member of our guild. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. If you share the same motivation, we like to hear from you!